Competitive U11+

Tryouts were held July 2019 for competitive soccer (U11 > U18) 2019-2020 season. Any player who did not attend tryouts and wishes to play Spring/Summer 2020 should contact

Spring/Summer 2020 Season schedule (subject to change):

Monday April 13thPractices begin
Sunday April 19thLocal games / in club games
Weekend April 25/26U11/12 Bemidji Sat 25th. *Dakota ODP Boys selection camp (not RRVU event, ODP players only)
Weekend May 2/3NSC Spring Cup (Blaine, MN)
Weekend May 9/10Travel Tournament (t.b.d. Minneapolis, MN)
Sunday May 17thDakota League (Watertown, SD)
Weekend May 22/23No soccer (Memorial Day Weekend)
Weekend May 30/31Dakota League (Fargo, ND)
Weekend June 6/7No soccer this weekend ___________*Dakota ODP boys & girls camp (not RRVU event, ODP players only)
Weekend June 13/14FCNW Jamboree (Winnipeg)
Weekend June 20/21Tri City Tournament (Fargo, ND); US Club Midwest Regionals (Libertyville, IL)
Weekend June 27/28No soccer this weekend
Mon 29th > Fri 3rdNo practices this week
Weekend July 4/5No soccer (Independence Day)
Fri July 10 & Sat July 11Detroit Lakes Tournament (2008 & 2009 teams plus some older teams)
Fri July 10th > Sun July 12thUSA Cup Weekend (optional for U13+ teams)
Sunday July 12thEnd of Summer season

Spring/Summer 2020 Projected Teams / Pools, and practices (subject to change):

GenderAge GroupPractice LocationMondayTuesdayThursdayTeams / Pool structureCoach(es)
GirlsTravel AcademyWF ScheelsSee TA pageSee TA pageSee TA pagePool of 3 teams (U9; Upper U10; Lower U10)George Gauld; Dan McDonald; Avi McGregor; Maddi Kramer
BoysTravel AcademyWF Scheelsnone5.45 - 6.45p5.45 - 6.45pPool of 2 teams (Upper U10; Lower U10)Dave Pritchard; Mike Regan; Tony Safo
Girls2008 & 2009WF Scheels5.45 - 7p5.45 - 7p5.45 - 7p2 teams (Upper U12 & Lower U12)Lisa Mueller; Roxy Roemer; Josh Purdum
Boys2008 & 2009WF Scheels7 - 8.15p7 - 8.15p7 - 8.15pPool of 2 teams (Upper U12; Lower U12)Adam Schmaltz; David Baltes; Henry Huynh
Girls2006 & 2007WF Scheels5.30 - 7p5.30 - 7p5.30 - 7pU14 C2 teamCody Wright
Girls2006 & 2007WF Scheels7 - 8.30p7 - 8.30p7 - 8.30pU13 C1 teamTony Safo
Boys2006 & 2007WF Scheels5.30 - 7p5.30 - 7p5.30 - 7pPool of 2 teams (Upper U14; Lower U14)Haris Smajic; Jacob Simon
Boys2005 > 2002WF Scheels7 - 8.30p7 - 8.30p7 - 8.30pPool of 3 teams (Vary U15/ 16/ 17/ 18)Joe Larson; Josh Purdum; Dave Pritchard

Age Groups

For the 2019-20 season, we will be holding try-outs for teams in the following age groups:

  • Boys born in 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002
  • Girls born in 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006,

Players born in 2010 & 2011 are eligible for our Travel Academy Program.

Players pre-K through 5th grade are eligible for both our Academy Program and our Rec Program

Boys and Girls in age groups not listed above are welcome to register for tryouts. If we have enough interest to form girls teams at age groups older than U14 we will do so, but we do not currently anticipate having sufficient numbers to make teams.


Competitive (travel) soccer requires a high level of commitment from players and their families, including practices 2/3 times a week, and travel for games.

Although we do not ask players to have soccer as their only sport, the high level of commitment needed for our program means soccer should be the top priority sport of each athlete during our season. When placed on the roster, each player commits to being at training sessions, games and tournaments unless he or she is ill, injured, has a significant family event etc. Players who compete in multiple sports in the same season should be prepared to discuss their participation with their coaches and must understand that playing time will be impacted by attendance at practice.

Our program is built on players taking part in both of our outdoor soccer seasons (Fall and Spring/Summer), though we do allow registration for individual seasons. We also offer an optional Winter season for indoor soccer.


Over the course of a full soccer year, our competitive teams play games in a variety of opportunities, including:

  • Travel tournaments
  • Local tournaments
  • Twin Cities Soccer League
  • Regional Championships
  • North Dakota Soccer League
  • NW Border League
  • North Dakota State Championships
  • Dakota Premier League
  • 'Friendly' / 'Scrimmage' / 'Jamboree' games with other local clubs
  • ‘In-Club’ games

Not all teams will participate in the same events throughout the season, as we look to find appropriate environments for our players to compete in.


Competitive teams practice three times in a typical week.

This is reduced to twice in Holiday weeks, weeks after a weekend tournament, and other such situations. 

U11 & U12 are typically 75-minute sessions

U13 & older are typically 90-minute sessions

Playing Time

  • U9 & U10 players should be given equal playing time **
  • U11 & U12 players will play no less than 50% of each game**
  • U13 & U14 players should have expectation of 50% of most games, with a minimum 25%**
  • U15 & up players will play no less than 25% of each game**

** unless injured, disciplinary action or repetitively miss training sessions.

Team Formation

Teams/ Player pools will be determined once registrations are completed. For some age groups there will be a defined ‘team’ for the  season, while for other age groups there will be a ‘player pool’. Such pools typically have sufficient players to form two teams at tournaments / events.

Season Dates

Winter 19-20: see Winter & Winter Plus page

Fall 2019: August 19th to October 6th (most teams) or 13th (TCSL teams)

Spring/Summer: 2020 April 13th to July 12th



  • All fees:
    • Have additional electronic payment processing fee
    • New players uniform fee is $136 (+tax) at Scheels
    • Can be paid via non-refundable deposit & further monthly installments
    • No hidden fees
    • No fundraising requirement
    • Cover training costs and club costs, including:
      • Staff salaries: Coaches, Director of Training & Development, Executive Director, Club Administrator
      • Other costs: Fields, referees, events, insurance, website etc.
      • Local games

Spring/Summer 2020

  • U11 & U12 = $475
    • Season fee covers 2 travel tournaments, 2 local tournaments, all local games
  • U13 & older = $295
    • Tournaments & Travel Events charged per event
    • Cost = (Event fee + coach travel & hotel) / number of players
    • Typical travel event cost in region of $60 > $70
  • Older Girls summer only = $150
    • Tournaments & Travel Events charged per event
    • Cost = (Event fee + coach travel & hotel) / number of players

* plus $30 player card registration fee for players who did not play Fall 2019 or Winter 2019-20 season.




Please see our Coaches page for details of Coaches for our competitive program.


See our Uniform page.


Tryout registration for the 2019-2020 season has closed.

Any players who missed tryouts should contact

Invoices for the Spring/Summer season will be sent January 2020, and will be due by January 31st

Competitive Program Philosophy

  • Player enjoyment and development are our top priorities
  • We will focus on personal development in addition to soccer development. This involves development of character, sportsmanship, leadership and more.
  • Player development is more important than team results
    • We will not evaluate ourselves on wins or losses. We will evaluate ourselves on player and team development. To do this, we must realize the importance that failure plays in the equation of player and team development. Our goal is to create environments focused on long term growth versus immediate results.
  • We will aim to find competitive environments appropriate for players & teams, for example:
    • Entering teams in ‘high’/‘lower’ brackets (as appropriate)
    • Using NDSA and in-club games for developmental benefit
    • Placing more emphasis on competitiveness at tournaments
    • Seeking higher/less competitive tournaments (as appropriate)
  • We will strive to challenge, motivate, and provide very competitive environments for our most driven players. Examples include:
    • Potential play in Regional tournaments
    • Potential play in Minnesota State Championships
    • Potential play in Twin Cities Soccer League
    • Active involvement in USYS Dakota ODP
    • Active involvement in ND11 Sate team program
  • We will strive to challenge, motivate, and provide competitive training environments for our most driven players
  • We will provide players with instruction on how to improve & develop outside of practices. Development is in proportion to effort and touches on a ball – players need to practice outside of/in addition to club practices
  • RRV United encourages all of its coaches to teach possession based soccer. To do this effectively, coaches teach their players to be comfortable on the ball technically while also introducing age appropriate tactical sessions

Scheels Soccer Complex:

1010 13th Ave W,

West Fargo, ND 58078

Mailing address:

PO Box 38,

West Fargo, ND 58078

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