Parent Advisory Group

A key aspect of our club Values is to be open with our communication to families; in that spirit, we operate a Parent Advisory Group.


The role and responsibility for parents on the Parent Advisory Group is to be the eyes and ears and voice for their child’s age group (team). Parents on the Parent Advisory Group are the direct communication link to the RRV United Board of Directors, with Director Toy Cody being their sounding board.  Troy asks and expects any small pocket fires or any discourse from their team (or any other team!), to be brought to his attention by Parent Advisory Group members.  It is our goal as an organization to meet the needs of families whenever possible (recognizing we will not be able to please all the people all the time). We can only begin to solve the problems that exist if we know they exist.


Time commitment to serving on the Parent Advisory Group will be minimal; quarterly meetings (4 times a year) to meet as a group, with a very timely and efficient agenda provided.  The meetings stay on task and time during those 4 meetings is an hour at the most, making sure to keep our time spent together focused and on track.


Red River Valley United strives to be transparent in all areas of club activity. If we are falling short in that area, we expect Parent Advisory Group members to bring those areas of concern to our attention immediately.  There is nothing that will be a bigger danger to our organization than people sitting around discussing their frustrations on certain items. It is our commitment to provide Parent Advisory Group members - as team representatives – with accurate and up to date information on items, so they can help effectively speak truth into those items as they come across them.


Finally, we are committed to being an organization that never settles or rests on the old statement "We don't do things that way around here."  We want to listen to the ideas from our families and take every idea into consideration.  There are several things that will always be the core values for our club - these are the core values that helped shape and motivate us to begin this new adventure.  If those new and creative ideas are in direct conflict with our values, then we will have to respectfully decline consideration.

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